Comic: I Hate Fairyland Vol.1

Yo! After some… hum… let’s call it tribulations, Mugen’s back to nag you some more! And what has this bastard been up to? Well, apart from now speaking in third person XP, pretty much the same as always – books, comics, games, writing stuff while playing games (that later on will also be published here! lucky you!) and some work because it can’t all be fun and games.. unfortunately! Got to overthrow the system! *writes down on to do list*

But in the meantime I’m posting about “I Hate Fairyland vol.1 Madly Ever After”, a comic written/illustrated by Skottie Young, colored by Jean-Francois Beaulieu and published by Image Comics back in 2015.



One could thing that this was a typical fairytale story, like so many others, where a kid travels to an alternative fantasy land, has some amazing adventures and the gets back home safe and sound but we would only thing that for a split second, the title and the front cover illustration are more than enough to dispel all that.

The story begins with a 6-year-old Gertrude, like Dorothy or Alice before her, wishing that she could visit an enchanted world.. which happens right away whan a hole hopes and she falls at full speed and face first into Fairyland! Thankfully she can’t die there or that would’ve been the end of her XP She meets with the colorful and joyful inhabitants and their queen, Cloudia that tell her that in order to get home she must accept a one day long quest to fetch a magic key that will open a passageway back. Cloudia also assigns Larrigon Wentsworth III, a fairy housefly companion (wtf?!) and a map of the land to help her but not all goes according to plan as it all turns into one long magic misadventure. How long you ask? Well, that one day trip turns into a 27 year-long journey! Obviously the kid didn’t know how to read maps! XDD



After almost three decades Gertrude looks like the same kid that fell into Fairyland but has aged mentally nonetheless… and not in the best of ways! The bitterness and frustrations of the overall unsuccessful journey, alongside the sights, sounds and sugar turned the little girl into a murderous monster with a unsaciable bloodlust and the most rude of attitudes. (Mothers will blame it on the sugar obviously!) She has a constant crazy look and an array of maniacal expression, all complemented with a dangerous grin and no creature is safe from her axe when she goes on a rampage. This has obviously angered the inhabitants of Fairyland, who fear for their lives, and Queen Cloudia is losing her patience…
..It’s one chaotic and wild hack and slash story, filled with blood, cursing, misfortune, booze, drugs and hallucinations all wrapped in a well written fashion and amazing art that draws the best of both the innocent child world and the adult distortion of if. Both hilarious and an easy read, I Hate Fairyland it’s one of those that you won’t put down until reaching the very end!


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