Comic: Last Gang in Town #1

Turns out that if I posted as much as I read comics and other stuff… well, I wouldn’t be doing anything else with my life XD But let’s try to get everything up to date as best as possible. For this one grab you doc martens, rev up your cockney and hey ho let’s go into Vertigo’s “Last Gang in Town” – story by Simon Oliver, art by Rufus Dayglo with colors from Giulia Brusco and letters by Steve Wands.



But if you’re expecting tea and good manners then you’re out of luck old chap because something named after a Clash song and drawn by Tank Girl’s artist can only mean we’re diving into one rowdy story. Last Gang in Town is mainly set in the UK during the late 70’s but narrated by a character in Switzerland in 2018 – so sort of a memoir thingy – and follows a group of punks whose unique reason in life is to follow a cheap booze fueled destiny, fight and fright the established system, cause the biggest amount of ruckus possible and pull the heist of the century! Not a small ambition if you ask me!

This first issue opens right into the action with a punk girl, Joey, and her gang stealing instruments from a biker rock band in order to play their own show and after that everything fall into mayhem with a crazy chase scene through London.. and more I won’t tell XP otherwise I would be spoiling the fun for those of you who decide to pick this up! But let me add that although it is a little confusing at times and features a somewhat complex narration with little explanation, Last Gang in Town is also written in an exciting, energetic, funny and brutal way that you won’t be indifferent to and the art itself is full of detail, fascinating and vivid with action being depicted extremely well – I’d even risk to say that the art/colors are the strongest point of this comic.

All in all this first issue is promising enough to get me into following it through the rest of the remaining 6.





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