Comic strips 03

Guess today we’re doing the “03” posts, eh? First the shutter thingy and now this – ‘ve got to find out if anything else needs a third instalment to make a perfect 3×3 XD

Published comics aren’t the only ones that deserve our attention, there are a butt load of web comics that are as good and funny as any of those and they deserve a place in the sun! Or by the sea (our blog XP)… or, you know, at least get some recognition! So I’m sharing some of my most recent favourite comic strips!

All credits and work belong to the respective artists!

Do enjoy!


Remember to clean you fridges more often kids! XD

from: insanity in a box studios


Not all video games fare well in real life.. rofl

from: The GamerCat


I’m having flashbackes from dark souls right now…

from: Awkward Zombie


from: Action Trip


Never, ever, use google doctor! XP

By: C. Cassandra


And that’s it for now! Hopefully I’ll remember to do some more of this soon enough XP



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