Comic: Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic: War

When it comes to Star Wars, its fans are both the luckiest and the most unfortunate ones out there. Why? Well the sheer amount of comics, lore and stories is as amazing as it is intimidating and it’s not a small task to navigate through all of them… as for me I decided to pick up the most appealing comics first and then go from there – it’s a good starting point as any other. This time around I went through “Knights of the Old Republic: War”, a 5 issue story published by Dark Horse Comics.



The story takes place during the Mandalorian Wars, roughly 4000 years before the Battle of Yavin – aka when they destroyed the first Death Star, so waaaay back in time – during a time when the Republican forces are trying to recover some lost ground from the Mandalorians. Essin – a planet on the Outer Rim – is where we jump into action, and there’s lot’s of action to see as we witness the assault led by Republican Captain Morvis in which a Phaeda militia and some jedi, who decided to join the war even against the counsel’s orders, fight to establish a beachhead from where they can launch further assaults. Amongst the militia we find Zayne Carrick, an ex-jedi and a pacifist who had the misfortune of visiting his home planet when they were conscripting people and now finds himself on the very front lines of the conflict, constantly headbutting his superiors for the unneeded violence and destruction caused. The assault succeeds, the Mandalorian forces are pushed back into the forest and Jedi Master Kace sugests that they carpet bomb the whole thing to finish them off – Carrick who doesn’t believe in the fight and sees no need for further death runs into the forest to warn the Mandalorians but there is where he understands that he’s in the wrong place at the wrong time as he finds a secret that no one would think possible and is pulled into one dangerous and complicated situation… And that covers much of the first issue but I’m not telling any more! XP Why? No spoilahs!!



Maybe it was something quite obvious when we stop and think about the many stories set in this time period but as it turns out, and only later did I understood, this wasn’t the first adventure (or misadventure) in which Zayne Carrick stars but thankfully the writer had it covered for newcomers as, throughout the story, several characters do the much-needed fill in on the back story and some other details so even the less dedicated Star Wars fans can pick this up and find no difficulty to follow the plotline and enjoy it. The art is nothing outstanding but it’s solid and does its job right.

It’s a good add-on for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge on the far far away galaxy’s history.


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