Don’t underestimate the stickmen! (videos)

The title states a lesson I learned the good way! Actually it’s not only the stickmen we shouldn’t underestimate – it’s something applicable to every aspect in life! But I digress as usual.. XP

Well, when we think about stick figures there are a couple of situations when they come to mind – when we first started drawing and basic human anatomy was beyond our skills, when we has little more to do to escaped from the dreaded math exercises or the boring geography class back in school or, for the most skilled ones, when doing those little flip book animations. But it turns out these slim little fellows have more to them than we though, it only took a couple of good animators and voilá, awesomeness insured!


Deard Ninja (by Endo) – Hyun’s Dojo


Shock (by Terkoiz) – Hyun’s Dojo


One vs Many – Hyun


Counter Strike DE dust2 HD – flashdesckanimations



And let’s leave it at this before I spend another whole night watching more of these fights! XD

All credits belong to the people responsible for the creation of these videos


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