Black-eye’s journal – A Guild Wars 2 story (sort of)

Alright then, now for something completely different! XDD Well, probably not completely different, it will be like the Bordelands essays we’ve made way back then but this time, instead of images I’ll be writing the whole thing down! It’s almost certain that I’ve mention somewhere on our blog that I’m playing Guild Wars 2 from time to time and now that I’m reaching the end game mission I thought that it would be a real shame to let go of such a rich world and my brave little character just like that when I’m done – after all we’ve spent many hours adventuring through Tyria so he deserves something more. It was then that the idea of creating his journal came to mind, you know, give a little insight on what that avatar is thinking and feeling, flesh it out and give it life! That sort of thing – I’ve already got half a dozen pages with notes with what I’ve done now all that’s left is to work it XP

although I like to write I don’t intend to make too much of a complex story out of this, it’s just for fun after all but before you go any further I must warn you that it might be a long text nonetheless.

As for my character, meet “Black-eye” Bucky (I’ll get a pic of him later), a human thief from Divinity’s Reach who started to write this journal before going to the accursed Orr to further fight Zhaitan the dragon.



How do I start? Well, before anything else I must say that words aren’t really my forté, I’ve learned and used them out of need, never before have I kept any kind of journal or had to make records and I feel awkward entrusting my thoughts to these pages but at this very moment, when oblivion and darkness can take us all from one moment to the next, it seems like something that must be done to prove I ever existed and our efforts aren’t forgotten. Outside the rain pours heavily and from time to time we feel the distant rumble of Mount Maelstorm, scouts come and go in quick succession and soldiers prepare for a mission, I’ll be joining them briefly.



If a year ago someone told me that I would travel across half of Tyria, ranking as a Warmaster for the Order of the Vigil and Commander for one of the most amazing and unlikely alliances our time has seen, fighting in the front lines against overwhelming odds to hold at bay one of the biggest threats our land has ever faced I would certainly say that they had one drink too many or were certainly crazy! But that is my reality now, from a street rat living in the back alleys of Divinity’s Reach, stealing and mugging to survive to one of the most renown humans out there without fully realizing what was going on, like I’m being dragged by an uncontrollable stream without knowing where I’ll end or if I’m getting there in one piece. Surely, I had one or two chances to avoid jumping in the first place, probably right after that faithful centaur raid or soon after but even now, thinking about it all I can’t explain the why accepting this course of things so calmly… it’s true that I’ve always dreamed of being something “more” while growing up but that is a common dream for poor kids in dark streets and seldom do any of them achieves it not to mention that my current state of affairs goes way beyond that!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about all the incredible things I’ve witnessed – and they were not few! – but the responsibility and consequences of our decisions and acts are simply gargantuan, one false step, one wrong move and all will fall! All of Tyria, their people and all that is good and free! It’s overwhelming really, scary enough to chill one to the bone but I also came to realize that it’s something already bigger than any individual or its will, thoughts and feelings, it’s something that we, as one, must burden ourselves with and prevent at all costs from happening! Many have already given their lifes in this fight, holding the line and entrusting those that remain to carry on an achieve victory and peace and I cannot betray them, there will be no safe place in the world if we fail now and so I’ll keep doing my best ’till my very last breath.

Agent Rjoda calls, it’s time to sortie.


We’re back on Oxbow Island and the operation set by the Order of Whisper’s has been largely a success – according to reports the sunken ruins we can see from here had been used as a Krait’s base for some time now, a place where they kept the captured slaves untill they were sent to their underwater cities but lately the frequency of their kidnappings revealed a dire trouble and a constant drainage of potential recruits for us in the area so Marshall Treharne and the Pact tacticians deemed this as something to be dealt with. Our objectives were simple, we were to thin the creature’s number’s and sabotage their supplies and operations as much as possible, hitting as hard and fast as possible before retreating but the Whisper’s agents thought we could go a little further and added a little extra to the mix that made all the difference and explained why subterfuge and cunning is what they are known for – as the number of Risen was also starting to reach alarming numbers around the waters we should disguise as them because later, when the Krait sought vengeance for the attack, and they would certainly do, their anger would be directed towards the undead, creating a conflict between the two sides that would, in turn, lessened the threat each posed to us. Brilliant and simple in theory!

It was pitch dark and the weather was awful, all rain and thunders with the occasional explosion from our fiery neighbour, the waters cold and uninviting as the three squads went in search of their preys. I put myself under Rjoda’s command – even if I’m superior in rank there’s no way I’m a match for the norn’s experience – and departed alongside his squad from our base island, thanking the time they spent studying the layout of the environment because otherwise it would have been really tricky navigating through the ruins and krait traps. We were moving as close to the floor as possible, the amount of wreckage and plants there were more than ideal to cover our approach and soon enough the faint pale glow of the Krait’s base appeared before us so we stopped for a moment asserting what everyone had to do. The saboteur group, of which I was a part of, was to go further in, spread out and take out any isolated slaver they could and getting any intel possible while our engineers were to plant explosives on the structures bases to bring them down causing as much damages as they could – as soon as the blasts went off, the warrior we’re to charge in for a quick strike to show their Risen arses before retreating.



I’m not proud of taking lives, even back at Divinity’s Reach I was a thief, not an assassin but I know, or better saying, I’ve witnessed that these creatures don’t hesitate the slightest before striking even innocents and young ones so, although my heart was heavy, it was with a steady hand that I slit throat after throat. My group did an impressive job, that is something I must admit, any slaver that strayed into the outskirts of their city was struck down and left to rot with a Risen weapon in their corpse and we even managed to release some prisoners along the way, giving them the scare of their lives with our undead disguises in the process – even while being a slave you had a chance to live but facing an undead, not so much…Avoiding to reach our time limit we retreated to a safe distance and joined the rest of the squad then took cover in a safe distance before the explosives went off a few minutes later – thankfully our engineers had done a good job and calculated everything from the charge size to our position correctly or otherwise we would’ve been hurt in the shockwave and sudden pressure change, something that happened to every Krait that by now were starting to notice that something wasn’t right at the bottom of their city and we’re flocking in. The next few moments happened really fast: as one we all swam from cover, the melee fighters closing the distance swiftly and engaging the very confused Krait with vicious ferocity, cutting them down left and right while the rest shot them from a distance and provided cover when the retreat started… which happened much sooner than expected because not only the serpents reacted and fought back faster and harder than we though, meaning that these were probably veterans, but they also had forces stationed outside the city that were drawn in by the commotion. Defeat then became a distinct possibility as we we’re quickly being surrounded in an element that wasn’t ours and with the knowledge that there would be no mercy for these “undead”. Everyone gripped their weapons tighter and prepared to take as many of Krait with them as they could before being killed but thankfully our little stunt hadn’t brought in only the slavers, oh no, it had acted as a loud beacon for every undead in the waters nearby and they were charging in by the dozens, snapping their jaws with ravishing wrath and hunger. The Krait had no choice but to forget us and form up to meet this new and much bigger threat – the exact moment in wich we used our ink bombs and swam away as quickly as possible. As our squad reached land and rush into base to prepare for any pursuers the waters behind us seemed to boil with all that was going on in the depths… soon after the waves started to leave mangled and bitten Krait carcasses as well as cut down Risen on shore… our work was done and we lost less than half a squad from all three, our being the one that had it worse.
All this was some hours ago and as I write these last words the sun is starting to rise, ripping through the light clouds that remain from last night’s storm. Those brave soldiers and agents that risked their lives are now resting, knowing that this wasn’t the last danger they faced and that there is no time to celebrate, it was but a “little” success in a much larger scheme of things. I too must regain my energy and resupply before setting out again...End of part I


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