Black-eye’s journal – A Guild Wars 2 story (sort of) – part II

As I said in the previous entry although I do like to write down my stories and ideas I don’t intend to create a very complex story out of this, that’s not the point as it’s just for fun and to keep a log of the adventures and thoughts of my Guild Wars character “Black-eye” Bucky as if it was his personal journal during the late game events. Be warn nonetheless that this might be a lengthy text and even somewhat boring if you have no previous knowledge of the places, creatures and events depicted below.



Everyone at Oxford Island’s camp remained restless during the day that followed our raid on the Krait’s base, even if our disguises had worked perfectly we weren’t able to recover the bodies of those who fell during the underwater fight and that meant that there was no guarantee the Krait wouldn’t retaliate towards every hostile that surrounded their area – our camp had been tolerated so far because they thought we didn’t pose any serious threat but that could no longer be the case. The many scouts we sent out reported nothing but several skirmishes between Krait and Risen and some increased troop movement from both sides but even so we thought best to reinforce our defenses as best as possible and post more sentries in the walls and in the nearby high areas in case any large force made a move towards us. In the afternoon there was a meeting amongst the superior officers posted here to decide what to do next – I was surprised to witness that even in the Order of Whisper’s ranks there are some hot-headed characters that wanted to grab the chance, gather a larger force and launch an even bigger attack to further cripple our enemies as that’s usual a Vigil’s approach! Fortunately, after a heated debate, the voice of reason prevailed: it had managed to endure so far but there was no denying that the camp was far too exposed and could easily be cut off from reinforcements and overrun if anything bigger than a raiding party attacked – after all its purpose was to be an advanced scouting post all along, not a stronghold -, as for diverting more resources and troops to reinforce it or prepare for a next assault it would only be a waste in a time that our forces are already spread thin. Oxford Island’s camp usefulness for the moment was spent and so we made plans to move our troops into the Whitland Flat’s one to help the efforts against the Inquest and from where we could also keep an eye towards the Mire Sea.

Acting as the Pact advisor and helping with the logistics planing I stayed in the island until the next dawn and then, as duty called from elsewhere, joined a scouting party that had orders to accompany me until Gauntlet Gulch to then turn back and evaluate the coastal road that lead into the Whitland Flats. I don’t feel the need for an escort as I can navigate out of almost any situation alive (otherwise I would have kicked the bucket back in the back streets of the capital and not here writing this) but ever since I became one of the Pact’s commanders, people seem to have the need to never leave me unguarded which I must admit it’s kind of annoying and disturbing, my life isn’t worth more that any of those that walk around me! But I comply just to avoid yet another unwinnable argument..

The forest patch of Gauntlet Gulch took a couple of hours to cross, it’s home to some nasty Jungle Trolls and it takes light feet and a veteran scout to avoid running into a pack of them in the dense vegetation – fortunately they aren’t especially active during the day and only one too curious for its own good crossed our path – but finally I met with Crusader Apatia’s Squad which was camping in the high grounds near the Broken Arrow River – mainly Vigil soldiers with a couple of whisper scouts in the mix, a good choice for what we were going to do next. According to the info acquired in our last mission this was the day in which a Krait caravan would pass nearby carrying a powerful artifact capable of denying the creation of more undead and drive away those that were nearby – an orb of some sort that they transported back and forth between their main cities to extend their protective effect and the reason the Krait remain largely untouched by the dragons’ corruption but about which we had never heard about before. If by any chance we had it in our hands it could be a key element in our effort against Zhaitan’s forces! Unable to negotiate with the Krait at any level it was decided that this Orb was absolutely essential if we were to have any real chance in the war to come and so our forces were here to capture it.

Upon the arrival of a whisper’s scout carrying the information that this time there wasn’t just one convoy, has we had been told originally, but two coming in through different directions we had to make a slight change of plans – Krait can be brutal and savage but they aren’t stupid, oh no, nothing like that and obviously with all the convolution and recent events across Tyria they thought best to reinforce security with a fake extra caravan – and, without any way or time to confirm wich was the right one, split our forces. This was a decision that although necessary, as we couldn’t risk missing our target with a wrong guess, didn’t please me in any way as we were cutting our fighting power in half against a heavily armed enemy convoy… but most of us we’re Vigil at heart, we would fight to the end even if it’s 1 vs 100 and so we went our separate ways, one squad led by me into the higher ground to strike at the second caravan and the other led by Crusader Apatia into the Broken Arrow River cutting the path of the first one.

It didn’t take long until we found the perfect location, a very narrow path between two cliffs, and spent the last hour laying the mines our Pact engineers provided for the mission – if nothing else this babies will take down the front guards, cause a great deal of confusion and create the perfect opportunity to strike – and moving into position. Now we wait…



And that’s it for today, I know I didn’t advance much in the story but it’s late and my brain is starting to feel like it’s liquefying… but it’s not that bad, I wrote all that from 5 lines of short notes! XP



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