In a brick galaxy far far away…

… Home to some of the most scumbag, funny and awesome characters and adventures – yep, that’s where me and Meki have been yet again in our latest gaming sessions. If you haven’t guessed already of course I’m talking about Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – a game that undoubtedly shows tremendous improvements from the previous Lego Star Wars one.
Even if at first they seem simple and a bit childish it’s not hard to fall in love with Lego games, grab a controller and try one for 10 minutes top and that’s it! I know because that’s exactly what happened to me! Its core mechanics and gameplay remain almost always the same but at the same time it also manages to be innovative, addictive and fun without any doubt and The Force Awakens, being the most recent installment, not only is all that but probably one of the most enjoyable SW games to date.
Surprisingly the first sequence of the game takes us to the Battle of Endor where the player takes control of classic SW characters like Vader, Han, Luke, Leia and so on – wich is a cleaver way to add their classic versions to the roster of available characters – through the battle to take down the shield generators, fight the Emperor and finally blow up the Death Star into millions of tiny lego pieces but it all serves as an introduction to the game mechanics and their approach to the franchise – humour, fun and willing to stray from the script to achieve just that. From there you’ll have a series of chapters through the events of the Force Awakens but as in any decent Lego game the fun doesn’t end there, nope, they’ve added several (unlockable) side missions concerning some side characters from the like Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren not to mention the unescapable urge to find and collect every single brick, stud, achievement, character, true jedi rating and so on that will make you go back into one said mission time and time again. It’s just like cocaine made of bricks! XP
Besides the classic gameplay, LSW:TFA has some new tricks to show like the flying sequences and dogfights (which we think are one of the most fun  and dynamic parts in the whole game), a very simple cover-shoot mechanic in some sections that bring in something fresh from the usual gameplay and break to build puzzles that now give you the choice between two or three options of where and what to build – although you just have to figure out the correct order of how they go, basic but at least it’s not totally direct.
As an added bonus the soundtrack for the game includes a lot of the original score from the movie and also most of the original cast have recorded dialogues for the game which helps a lot with immersion (although I’m unsure about using this term in a game like this but you get the point).

If you’re expecting a complex and hard game it’s better if you look elsewhere but there’s nor harm in being fun and simple, sometimes it all that a game has to be and we can consider Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens a very simple game that manages to incorporate a strong gameplay, awesome visuals and humor like few can. It’s one that both fans (both lego and SW) and non fans should try.



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