Black-eye’s journal – A Guild Wars 2 story (sort of) – part III

As I said in the previous entries, although I do like to write down my stories and ideas I don’t intend to create a very complex story out of this, that’s not the point as it’s just for fun and to keep a log of the adventures and thoughts of my Guild Wars character – “Black-eye” Bucky – as if it was his personal journal during the late game events. Be warned nonetheless that this might be a lengthy text and even somewhat boring if you have no previous knowledge of the places, creatures and events depicted below not to mention possible spoilers and my terrible writting XP


Daylight began to fade and to the untrained eye we were no more than still rocks, we had been like that for hours, camouflaged and just waiting for our preys but nonetheless the soldiers were growing restless by the minute wondering if the intel was somehow mistaken, even I was starting to have my doubts when we got the signal from our advanced scouts that the convoy was in sight. As a response I felt weapons being grasped tighter and muscles getting tense, soldiers getting ready for what was about to happen. Pointing my binoculars towards the forest road I saw a myriad of tiny fire like reflections from weapons and armor scattered through a long line of krait warriors – at least fifty, probably more but certainly double of what I had under my command – not counting the slaves accompanying the carts. We had the element of surprise, the higher ground and hidden ranged units to thin their numbers but it would still be a though fight, that I had no doubt.

The whole column came to a halt a few meters from the pass, a squad moving forward to assure the path was clear while the rest formed around the carts – again I witnessed that this creatures were no fools, they moved cautiously with a sound strategy in mind. The whole force was in range but I hold the order to attack, even if we couldn’t catch them all with the mines at least some would be wiped out and the rest would be surprised enough to be caught off guard for a few moments giving us a slight advantage but, for a change, it seemed that the gods were on our side as, for our surprise at first, the mines didn’t explode when the first krait squad went trough, only later when the full force plus the carts passed on top of them – it wasn’t expected but in this case the defect or lack of pressure sensitivity of our explosives was our luck!

The earth rumbled beneath our feet and went flying everywhere alongside bloodied body parts and splintered wooden pieces from the wagons but before the dust even began to set, our troops, ears still ringing from the shockwave, were moving in from our end of the pass and from above to finish off what was left of the enemy. We had obviously underestimated the krait because more than half of them, mangled or not – and some were so to a gruesome degree which left me thinking that maybe they had some kind of magic enhancement from their shamans – still managed to form up and mount a fierce defensive perimeter in the narrow path, slowly retreating towards where they came in before. As soon as they got out, their group broke off in two, one with about fifteen warriors running into the forest while the remaining troops kept fighting, selling dearly their lives, a move that could only mean that those running away were undoubtedly carrying the orb. I took a step back to narrowly dodge a spear thrust and discharged both of my pistols on the dark green snake in front of me, reversing the weapons and using them next as clubs to finish off a one-armed and bloodied one, grabbed some of my nearest Vigil troops, signaled for the ranged units to follow and then broke off in pursuit – they couldn’t be allowed to escape.

Either on land or in water one thing is certain, the krait are incredibly fast! For ten or more minutes we only managed to follow their bloody trail down the hill, catching glimpses of our target here and there but hardly closing the distance that separated us. Even though I wasn’t that familiar with the terrain it was almost certain that they were trying to get into the Mire Sea and make us lose track of them there… and after the commotion our forces had caused so recently it would be foolish and probably even suicidal to try to follow them in there.

That commotion, although unrelated was probably in the origin of the next series of events, I find no other explanation for what we found.

A loud roar broke the dusk stillness and we stopped cold in our tracks, it wasn’t an unfamiliar noise nor it was an welcomed one, not now not ever. Sound of fighting, screaming and trees breaking followed. We knew what was coming and even though the tension and apprehension was visible in our ranks we had trained specifically for this so we formed up as loosely as possible, with the ranged on our flanks, and resumed our advance, this time around more carefully and trying to go unnoticed. The foul smell it us before we even saw it, a towering behemoth abomination standing in a clear full of broken trees, swinging a massive club left and right, ripping to shreds everything it hit. Maybe it was desperation or fear but how the krait didn’t notice this foe before running right into it is beyond me! At that moment, out of their whole force only five were left, their companions turned into bloody and gruesome smears and bits scattered all over the place, but those few were putting up a valiant effort to bring it down – looking closer the abomination wasn’t that unarmed as one could have though at first meaning that some of the snakes’ attacks reached their target.

Brave as they were, untrained warrior were no match for that kind of creature and it wasn’t long before the battlefield went quiet with a last and brutal swing of the beast’s weapon but we were not idle nor did such carnage made us freeze – as soon as the club went down we let a fierce war cry to get its attention and make it turn towards us in surprise, then our engineers and archers fired a volley straight into the abomination’s eyes rendering it blind. Two axe wielding Vigil norns stepped in and hacked the beast’s achilies tendons bringing it down in a roaring and destructive fury as it rolled around flaying its members all over. Again our Charr engineers’ resourcefulness was invaluable as their nets simplified getting an opening to strike at it – myself and one other scout avoided a blind punch and jumped on top of the creature, ignoring the stench and holding on to it as we prepared the charges we then threw down its massive open jaw. The result was messy but it brough everything to an end in a few seconds.

All that ruckus could attract more undead or other creatures from the surroundings so there was no time to lose, the troops spread out and searched the area and what was left of the krait’s corpses. In the outskirts there was one of them still barely breathing with signs of being of a higher class than the remaining – if not for its armor and jewels then the amount of dead soldiers around it clearly stated that they were trying to protect it – that held the orb we sought. With its final strength it laughed at us and stated that we could have managed to snatch their treasure but it was too late for our friends… that froze me up inside…


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