Into the pit – yes, yet again XP

‘Sup guys? Long time no see! I know I should be ashamed of myself sometimes for leaving our blog unattended for so long but at least it was for a valid reason – there ain’t no rest for the wicked, money doesn’t grow on trees – or, in short, I had a lot of work to do XP But even though one of my lens went ca put and has to be fixed (hopefully it can be fixed) not all is bad as I’m improving little by little and even got some pics so show you!

Btw we have entered “The FuTuRe!!” as we now also have an instagram account! XDD feel free to check it every now and then


My New Project_9

.My New Project_8


My New Project_7


My New Project_6

.My New Project_5

.My New Project_4

.My New Project_3

.My New Project_2

.My New Project_1



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