I’ll play my own pokemon! With blackjack and hookers!

Haven’t found a blackjack game yet (even though there are slot machines) but as for hookers that’s another story altogether! And what the hell am I talking about after all? Hookers and casino games don’t mix with pokemon as far as anyone remembers right? Well, they do in the very gritty, dark and down to earth version that is Pokemon Reborn – “… a Gen 3-styled downloadable game featuring all content through Gen 6. Experience a never-before-seen layer of strategy with the all-original Field Effects, using the terrain to outplay and overwhelm your opponent! Collect, train and battle with all 721 Pokemon available in-game and take on Gym Leaders of all 18 types as you fight to restore Reborn to prosperity!”

With all the Pokemon Go hype going on, sooner or later, it was unavoidable being hit by that the old nostalgia from pkm blue (yes, I’m that old and it was my very first game boy color game XP) but unfortunately my phone isn’t smart/powerful enough to play the new app and we still don’t have a nintendo 3ds to play the latest entries to the series…. so I did the next best thing, went to the interwebs to find a suitable mod to fill in that gap and Reborn showed up. After reading some very positive reviews I decided to give it a try and one thing is certain, I wasn’t disappointed! Not disappointed but had my ass kicked in no time as this is no walk in the park – not only it features all of the available pkm (lots that I don’t know yet but a plus is that you can choose from any of the starters ever made) as it has some of the tougher gyms and trainers we’ve ever faced! They’re stronger, smarter, have this new field effects and a full 6 pkm team that demand a solid strategy and a strong team to beat, not to mention there are 18 of them plus the league! And as for the overworld, it all happens in one city – “Reborn City– Black smog and acidic water garnish the crumbling structures along the skyline. City streets fest like alleys with disaster and crime. But the metropolis stands, a decaying blemish on the once-vibrant region.” – from that description you can imagine what’s going on… I’m not even through a quarter of the game and man I’ve seen some shit! Pardon my french XP

Unfortunately there’s no presentation trailer but here’s some pics:








If you have the time and you’re looking for a new challenge then go no further and try it! Here’s a link to their home page – Pokemon Reborn



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