Comic: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life (vol.1)

I don’t know if it’s related to the low amount of comics I’ve been able to read lately but one thing is certain, out of the most recent ones, ever since my older sis brought home the Scott Pilgrim series that it has been on the top 10 of my fav list! It’s a “0 to 80 in 5 seconds on the wtf scale” piece that it’s fun, with and original style and story that everyone can relate to in some point or another and that hardly someone can dislike. I haven’t seen the film yet (yes, I know it has been around for ages but films aren’t my thing, k?) but it it’s as close to its source material as everyone says then I definitely have to check it out soon!



Before anything else, if you haven’t read it yet then beware as there’s a chance that you may find !SPOILERS! ahead (I say probably because I don’t know yet, I’m writing this post right now out of the blue and in one go XPP) – you have been warned! XPP

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life is the first volume out of six (in a series that began back in 2004) and it’s written and drawn by the Canadian cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Scott Pilgrim lives in an unnamed Canadian city, in a shared house (and bed because he can’t afford something else) with his roommate Wallace Wells, it’s the bassist for the “Sex Bob-Omb” – an “amazing”rock band – and is currently “between jobs”. In short, he’s just your average 20 something dude (23 to be exactly) who’s trying to find what to do in life without putting any real effort towards that goal and so, apart from dating a 17-year-old high schooler named Knives Chau, his precious and unstructured life goes on without much to say about it until Ramona Flowers arrives in town and all hell breaks loose – well, maybe not all hell but a few hearts got definitely broken, some furniture too, the fabric of time and space here and there as well and of course, a horde of evil ex-boyfriends is unleashed upon Scott’s life, turning it upside down XDD

Uff, after all we avoided all possible spoilers! Huzzah for me lolol But truth be told, this isn’t some kind of in depth review and if I wrote much more that this few lines then the whole story would be ruined – sorry if you guys were expecting something else.

“Scott Pilgrim” manages to be both a romantic and a super hero story but also avoids much of the clichés of both genres – there are no big muscles, capes and dark gritty characters involved and even if there’s some emotional drama it’s not over the top and we can easily relate to it. It’s a very solid story arc that for most of the time has a more toned down and down to earth approach that looks like a day taken out of our own lives – with lots of pop culture references in the mix – but it’s when the story kicks into overdrive and it’s video game mode that it really shines and makes the reader eager for more.

Scott himself if an average joe turned hero who can do anything when he really sets his mind on it but I have to argue that even though he’s the main character (it’s his name that’s scribbled all over the series after all XP) he has to share that spot with Ramona as the story ends up being as much about her as it’s about him. And the rest of the characters don’t fall that much behind as they’re very well characterized and present throughout the story, even being the ones responsible for its progression at times – Wallace Wells, Knives Chau and Stephen Stills are a few examples of the most recognizable chars in there.

It’s epic, funny, addictive and ultimately it will give you a smile and a feeling that you wouldn’t mind having more that six volumes to read about good old Scott – definitely it deserves a read and a place on your bookshelf!



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