Praise the sun!! Praise the f****** sun!!

This is just a quick update, as this “feat” couldn’t go unannounced! XDDD This isn’t much, lots and lots of people have done it before, but since I’ve only started playing the game some time ago it was a first for me – finally, after countless times of having my butt kicked (no, really, I’ve lost count attempts to get through this boss) I’ve finally managed to beat those bastards Ornstein and Smough! Huzzah! Huzzah!

It was one of those days when I got up and said, no, today I’m going to do it no matter what! So I called Solaire and jumped in the arena, put down Ornstein without much trouble and then turned to face Super Smough… Solaire went down soon after – the brave knight did more than enough – and then a “fierce” battle took place (more like – run around like crazy, try not to get squished and maybe land some hits in between XDD). In the last bit, having only half a bar of HP and Smough roughly down to 1/4 of his energy, it was all decided in a suicide strike in which I dodged a first charging blow and stroke him twice with my halberd, took a hit, got back up, dodged another but got caught in the aftermath, hit him once more and then, as his hammer was coming down to finish me (I couldn’t survive another hit, that’s for sure) I did a hard strike and cut him down for good!!! Pity it was so early in the morning, otherwise there would’ve been a party right away XDD But I went and praised the sun as a good chosen undead would.

Suicidal strikes aren’t the smartest things to do, specially in games like Dark Souls in which any reckless move will get you killed but it seems that they are somewhat my specialty in this situations – after all my friends put me the name “Kamikaze” for a reason (I’m kind of reckless and almost always the first to do something risky in real life) XDD


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