Adventurer log – Dark Souls

Before anything else, if you haven’t played Dark Souls yet then it’s better f you don’t read this – yes, I know that the game isn’t exactly new/recent but surely there are people who haven’t played it (I’ve only started it a few weeks ago) yet and certainly don’t want the experience spoiled before hand.

During great part of the game I’ve had the advantage of having a Navi just like Link but without (most of) the annoying parts – Meki started playing before I did, dropped it and then saw its entire gameplay on youtube (yup, for that sort of thing we nicknamed her “Taco” Ike just like Kyle’s brother in South Park XDD) -, dropping hints here and there and getting me through a tight spot more than once but even Navis, sometimes, have days when they aren’t on top of their game. Yesterday, after defeating the optional Ceaseless Discharge boss (it has got a nasty sounding name.. XP) I was venturing into the Demon Ruins when my sis told me that I was going to face someone I’ve met before, about my size and all (humanoid at least!) and since there aren’t that many option out there  I’ve started throwing guesses around, eventually discovering that it was my sunbro Solaire that I had to fight. That is just mean Dark Souls, he’s my buddy! First Sif and now Solaire… Damn you, damn you I say! But I undead up (like man up XP) and upon reaching a fog gate, my knight was ready for the showdown.

It turns out that what was waiting for me on the other side was a giant motherfluffing flaming demon who tried to burn me to a crisp/squish me under his ginormous butt!


“He’s not my size! He’s not my size!” – I screamed as I ran around like a crazy beheaded chicken

K, mistakes happen and one cannot remember the entire game accurately, no problem there but then she said that Solaire was almost certainly in the next fog area a little further ahead. Yet again we’ve prepared to take down our bro only to jump head first into a fire pit with this creepy thing:


Too many legs to be Solaire! Too many legs!! Not to mention fuggly! – was my war shout this time around!


A centipede demon, a thing I wouldn’t want to find coming in my house at night (or through, given its size), that’s for sure! XPPP Luckily I only had to kill it halfway since it had a glitch in which it went through a wall and fell off the scenario to its death lolol After this couple of events we did find Solaire, peacefully sitting in the entrance to Lost Izalith, all depressed and with no will to fight whatsoever. The lesson learned here is that we can’t always rely on our Navis to guide us XP


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