Comic: Daytripper

If reading both the bigger meaning and between the lines didn’t matter we could name this comic: I live, I die, I live again! (in one of infinite parallel timelines) XPP But fortunately this comic, written and drawn by the brothers Gabriel Bá and Fabio Moon (with colors by Dave Stewart and letters by Sean Konot) isn’t that simple, quite on the contrary actually.



Brás de Oliva Domingos, a writer, father, lover, son, friend just like any of us – this is his story, originally told in ten separate issues, each representing an important part of his life – his desires and accomplishments, his failures, friendships, loves and a central piece, his relationship with his own father Benedito de Oliva Domingos, also an important author – in no specific chronological order, and how it would be if he died at that moment – the meaning of it all is left to us to decypher.The authors managed to create a world that not only is full of life, details and fully believable but one that anyone can identify with in one way or another – it’s a work that may confuse many readers but one thing is certain, you won’t finish it and stay indifferent to what you’ve just read.

There are several aspects that this books gives emphases to, “death” being the most central of it all – Brás own work is to write obituaries, an announcement and closing point to a life -, how it’s unavoidable and there’s no way of truly preparing for it, both for the ones departing and those who stay behind. Then we have its opposite, life itself as something to treasure, to pursue to its fullest, demand answers from and seek our purpose in it while never forgetting that it’s the little moments, choices, feeling and interactions we have every day that influence the countless paths we can take and who we will be in the future. It’s amazing how deep it all goes and how they leave us thinking for hours/days with just a simple story of an average guy like any of us!

It’s different from the more action packed and bigger-than-life comics most of us are used to and it may go unnoticed in a shelf full of fantasy and super hero tales (if it wasn’t from the geek from down under buying it I would have also missed it) but it sure is worth your time to give it a go.



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