Welcome to Pandora kiddos – [Updated]

Almost half of my last week was spent in bed with a nasty fever that turned my brain, lungs and limbs into snot – or at least that was what it felt like XP – and from which I’m still recovering. You guys know the amazing and stupid capability that fevers have to give us full on weird dreams right? Well, out of the bunch I had there was one in which the Mafia (god knows why!) went out of their way to kidnap me so that I would write 4 or 5 big daily articles for their “Pink Fluffy Kittens” blog (still can’t figure out what was their scheme there or if they just liked kittens a whole lot lolol) under the threat of having my brain painting a nearby wall…  after taking out the wtf?! factor I realized that it was my conscience telling me that I had been neglecting our little blog (it could have found a more direct way of saying it but then again I can’t be surprised with how weirdly my brain works XP) so here I am again! XD

Well, since I’ve finally assembled a desktop for myself (huzzah! huzzah!) and got the headset working again there was only one thing to do – a noob level gameplay XPP Come one, give me some slack, I’ve only done one before and that was ages ago! With a couple of technical problems (recording software isn’t as simple to set up as expected), an awkward Mugen on the steering wheel and an abrupt end, we took Pandora by storm!

Hopefully, the next ones won’t be as bad as this XPP




Since our first take on Pandora wasn’t the best thing out there I decided to go back and start it all over, this time around without as many technical problems or half the awkwardness of the first one! So, if you haven’t got anything better to do and want to help me improve on this, join Gaige, DT and Mugen and leave your feedback somewhere! Oh, and have fun of course, that is also important! lol




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