Pocket Final Fantasy – Brave Exvius

Even though there’s a buttload of people who say mobile games shouldn’t be counted as “real games” (something just plain dumb to say! XP), the almost infinite amount of apps produced and consumed clearly state that, for better or worse, mobile gaming has come to stay. Most are average and simple games, designed to entertain us mainly through potty time XD but despite never having spent much time on them I’ve got to admit that there are some really good and worth playing ones out there like Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies … and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius! XD Yup, I’m a sucker for anything Final Fantasy and it was only a matter of time until rumours of this pearl got here and sucked me in for another FF dose XDD



Brave Exvius is (without any surprise as for the genre it belongs to) a free-to-play rpg developed by Alim and published by Square Enix for iOS and Android (also, for emulators of all sort!) back in 2015. On the positive side it boasts all the classic elements of the series, starting with an amazing over the top soundtrack (for a mobile game that is), turn-based combat featuring limit breaks, familiar magic spells, items and summons that, although simple, enable some strategic and tactical depth, an overworld with several areas, towns and dungeons to explore/clear and a vast roster of characters from almost every entry in the franchise to play with. The worse of it comes, of course, with the mobile and social aspect of the platform as you’re tied to a stamina meter you’ll deplete fairly quick as you progress further, limited inventory space, premium currencies that will take forever to save if you’re not willing to spend real cash on it (which I’ll never do! XP), in-app purchases, limited time stages and “raids”, a random draw system to get new characters tied to the said currencies and special tickets and, obviously, the social friend “collecting” so that you can get friend points, rare materials and their main character helping in your battles later on.



Even if it’s not a fully fledged Final Fantasy we can, right from the start and without a doubt, point the story as its strongest point since, unlike many social rpg, Exvius has a solid background and well established lore to work with, not to mention the effort put into fleshing out their main characters and turn them into something more than simple avatars. All of this means that the game is somewhat dialogue and info heavy but if you’ve played any FF before then you’ll probably feel right at home.

“In a world filled with fantasy, there are two powerful forces in balance: Vision and Lapis. Vision is the manifestation of people’s thoughts and feelings and Lapis is the world where all Magic Crystals exist alongside all the visions of the world. With these powers, people flourished in the land and the whole world prospered. However, sometimes peace can be false and darkness can devour the light. As the world of Lapis is falling to its own destruction, two brave warriors stand up against the darkness with the power of Visions in order to bring peace back to the land. ” – from Exvius wiki

Besides the main story mode (aka “World”), Brave Exvius also features “Vortex”, where you can take on several challenges and powerful foes in order to gain gil, xp, materials and other rewards, “Farplane”, an area full of moogles I haven’t explored much of yet (warning: you’ll get your ass kicked in no time if you go in unprepared) and “Colosseum”, a place where your team can face other players for fame/ranking and rewards – and all this presented in a classic/nostalgic style.

If you’re like me then you’ll soon overlook Brave Exvius’ casual nature and easily sink in a fair amount of hours before getting bored or cast it aside so, grab your phones and go forth warriors of light!



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