Damn contraptions!

With four laptops now peacefully resting on computer heaven, an external 1TB HDD full of important backups in need of a new control board, an expensive dslr lens busted (alongside one other that caught fungi and a pair of broken filters), a very mutilated mp3, a couple of cell phones out of commission and a third that developed a mind of its own, a Jeep with a definitive death sentence while the other car needed heavy repairs to keep going and a headset that suffered a Scar maneuver by one of our cats, we can surely say that the last year and a half wasn’t exactly kind on our hardware… or wallets! XPP Unfortunately it didn’t stop there, yesterday my desktop’s HDD decided that it had enough and it was time to retire leaving me with no choice but to get another and re-install everything and their grandma… on the plus side, now I have 2TB of space to enjoy!


Either we’re in a big tide of bad luck or these damn contraptions are starting their revolt by annoying the hell out of us…


– Mugen



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