What have I been doing with my life?

Can’t say anything on what others think but, as far as I can tell, nothing too bad! XP It’s just that I finally took some time to check and update the lists of things I’ve read/watched/played – and oh, I do love keeping this things listed and organized! – and the little bastards managed to surprise me with their overall numbers!

The biggest count comes from “My Anime List”, according to which I’ve watched 186 anime series, 34 OVA, 79 movies and 18 specials, on a grand total of 4855 files, roughly translated into 84.5 days spent! Damn, it’s probably just my imagination but I’ve probably suffer from a little anime addiction… XP

Onward to our second category, books! I keep track of those on “Goodreads” and although I can’t get exact stats (only the entries with beginning/ending dates are accounted for) there’s  a total of 504 items, of which 137 are comics. But I know for sure that this must be an inaccurate amount as there are plenty of books I couldn’t find on their database (but was to lazy to add myself XPP) and many more that I can’t even remember their titles…. And Mangas aren’t included either!

Last but not least, games! Where would we be now without this handsome bastards? XDD The official numbers from “Grouvee” state that I’ve played through 263 games already with no way to know how many hours spent… I don’t keep track XP and some I’ve played more than once or grinded/explored almost ad eternum!

I know that this is no real life achievement (or is it? shouldn’t I get a little cup at least?) but as far as my geek life goes, I’m damn proud! Let’s keep rising those stats! XDD





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