Just seen – “Drifters”

Keeping up with all the interesting anime series, along with other geeky activities, and still manage to tackle your daily chores, work obligations and maybe some sleep in-between isn’t exactly easy…. My ever-growing “to-watch” list is more than enough proof of that so it’s no wonder how happy I get when I’m finally able to take down a few entries, specially those as good as “Drifters”!



Does “Hellsing” ring any bells? From its art style alone it should since “Drifters” source manga comes from none other than Kouta Hirono, Hellsing’s creator – this fact alone was more than enough to get me on board from the first moment! XP



“Shimazu Toyohisa, whilst involved at the Battle of Sekigahara, manages to mortally wound Ii Naomasa, but is critically wounded in the process. As he walks from the field broken and bleeding, Toyohisa finds himself transported to a corridor of doors, where a bespectacled man at a desk waits for him. This man, Murasaki, sends Toyohisa into the nearest door where he wakes up in another world. There, Toyohisa meets other great warriors like him who have been transported as well, to be part of a group known as “Drifters.”” -or so goes the official synopsis for the series that makes its debut as “historical” but jumps to full-fledged fantasy in no time – dragons, kobolds, elfs, hobbits, dwarfs, empires, magic, etc… the works!

The magic world to where Toyohisa’s transported is being used as the main set to a power struggle between two mysterious characters – Easy, a black-haired young woman associated with darkness, and Murasaki, a middle-aged, always smoking, Caucasian guy associated with light – and their proxys – Ends, twisted and wild characters from our history (and, if I’m right, their choice for leader comes as a very nice twist XD), and the Drifters, their more lawful (not entirely sure as to call them that) counterparts – with no known objective in sight so far. It’s a fairly familiar setting (dark vs light and so on) but even after a full 12 ep season there’s really no way to tell how it’ll evolve or what’s behind it since there’s so much going on with world building and narrative and so little details given per ep… something I’ve loved as it leaves that nice little space for our own speculations and theories XP



“Drifters” has some very high quality technical traits as it boasts both brilliant animation, specially on their battle scenes, a very unique art style with a lot of attention to details and a spot on soundtrack (coolest op I’ve seen in a while!) and amazing voice acting!

I’ll give it 8.5/10 crazy Shimazu samurai and will be looking forward to the next season! In the meanwhile maybe I’ll pick up the manga pass the time!


– Mugen



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