Comic: Darth Maul #01

“First things first!”, or so the mysterious “they” say XP Since there are two different versions out there let’s make this clear from the get go, we’re talking about Marvel’s “Star Wars: Darth Maul” that had its debut this February and not the one Dark Horse published back in 2000 – nothing wrong with that one though! Apart from that little detail, and the 17 years in between, the setting is pretty similar as its development is prior to the events of “SW EP 1 – The Phantom Menace” and explores Maul’s backstory under Darth Sidious tutelage.

“SW: Darth Maul” was written by Cullen Brunn with art by Luke Ross.




While Sidious machinations and plans to confront the Jedi Order are still in the making, the Sith Lord has restrained himself and his apprentice to make any contact or move that could reveal them to the enemy too early, something that goes against Maul’s intentions and makes him grow more and more restless, feeling constrained and misused. To quench his bloodthirst, Maul takes on the most fearsome crime lords and beast he can find – in fact, that’s how this issue opens, with Maul deep in some jungle hunting Ranthar! You know, those relentless, full of tentacle, teeth and bad temper creatures from episode VII? Nothing but Sith chew toys after all! XD






After his return, Sidious has one more job waiting to appease his apprentice – or, judging by his grim, put him back in his proper place – as the Trade Federation has been having some trouble with pirates while trying to establish undercover mining operations in the Kellux system and the Sith Lord feels like Maul’s “mediation” would be an invaluable help in this question.




Maul then proceed to do what he does best – being a destructive dark side force cutting through any thing in his way! In the process he learns of a jedi padawan captured by a cartel, an info he keeps to himself while rushing over to get there before anyone else.

Boasting Marvel’s quality seal all over, this series is off to a good start!


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