Mods – best of friends, worst of enemies!

The idea for this very simple post, believe it or not, came to mind more than a month and a half ago, around the time Skyrim rose again from the shadows, knocked me out and dragged my sorry ass back to the frozen north for some hardcore adventuring (quests and stuff, don’t start getting funny thoughts now XPP). Three or four times have I started writing this but guess what? It may begin as a limited experiment with just a couple of mods but those little bastards can quickly grow up to be quite addicting and time-consuming – either searching, choosing, trying to make them work and playing…. long story short, I’ve been glued non stop to a highly alternative and customized version of Skyrim leaving almost everything else unattended!


Batman is the hero that Skyrim deserves not the one it need! XDD


Ok, the modifications didn’t go as far as adding Batman to the game, I like to keep them as lore friendly as possible since such outlandish things would just feel out-of-place but what started as just a couple of ways to speed up the beginning (it just takes soooo damn long!) has now turned into almost 200+ mods, ranging from quests, new and revamped dungeons, enemy types and combat behavior, player customization, npcs, weapons and so on! But this isn’t about Skyrim (although I’m planning to bring some of Finbur’s adventures to our blog later on), it just happened to be the game that triggered this most recent mod-using addiction XP

Maybe it’s their gameplay mechanics, the great story line and lore, the freedom we gain through our virtual proxys or the bigger than life sense of it all but putting it simply there are some titles – like The Elder Scroll series, Fallout, the Total War series, etc. – that we simply can’t let go even if we’ve played them to exhaustion and know every secret hidden in every nook and cranny! However, after some time you’ll want something more that our old and tired friends can’t give us anymore and that’s where mods come in handy! Those lovely bastards! ^_^ But it’s not all fun and games and so I’m putting up a small list of why they can be your best friends and worst enemies! I know they’re both for me!



  • They can add hundreds of hours of adventuring and a ton of content to play with, thus greatly extending the game’s lifespan – I’m more than 60hrs in game and have barely touched any vanilla quest!
  • Allow you to fully customize your experience – you can simply want an update for the graphics or textures or maybe you’ll go as far as to convert the original game into something else totally different in order to suit your needs (whatever they are, I’m not judging! XD)
  • There are several dedicated mod communities regularly pumping out new stuff so you’ll hardly run out of options
  • They’re free!
  • The game becomes a shared vision of its many fans which will enrich the whole experience
  • Sometimes modders can even improve faults and glitches left behind by the developers
  • It’s a great help for those with older machines that can’t run the most recent games out there – as I said, mods can add maps, items or even convert the whole game a total different one! Several games for the price of one! XP
  • Skyrim multiplayer! XDD



  • Large quantity from where to choose is an advantage, that’s for sure, but there’s a dark side to it because browsing and choosing those that please you the most will turn out as a very time-consuming task – the other day I spent more than five hours on it!
  • Usually there’s more crap and “meh” than awesome stuff not to mention the cluttering clones
  • There’s a serious lack of Borderlands 2 mods! humpf! Maps and add ons, where are they???
  • Getting them all to work without creating conflict between files or having them crash the game is a pain in the ass sometimes – specially when you have to check one by one to find out who’s the bastards ruining the whole thing!
  • Mods can improve a game tenfold but use too many of them at the same time, specially graphic overalls (without decent hardware backing it up), and you’ll watch your machine desperately struggling to make them all work and avoid frying in the process
  • Not being selective enough or having a defined vision of what you want to achieve and you’ll probably end up breaking the whole experience and fun – although this is somewhat subjective I guess.
  • Not every game allows mods or can be modded to begin with


I had come up with a bigger list but I must admit my guilt of having left the post half-way to fight the Thalmor XPPP My bad! But if you have any more pros/cons please add them in the comments!


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