Just seen: Bakemono no Ko

Want to see me happy? Or make me stop bugging you? Simply give me a couple of cats, a good anime or movie to watch and maybe some snacks to go with it all and voilá – a perfectly satisfied and quiet geek! XD And my latest movie night went very nicely on the “cats and good movie” section with one of  Mamoru Hosada’s (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, etc.) latest works, “Bakemono no Ko”, a title that had been sitting in my endless “to-watch list” since its release back in 2015.



After 2 years I bet that most of you must have watched it already but let’s try to keep this as spoiler free as possible… for the sake of late watchers such as myself! XP So, “Bakemono no Ko” or, if you prefer, “The Boy and the Beast” follows Ren, a kid who ran away from home after his mother’s untimely death and now wanders aimlessly through the streets of Tokyo. Although it can’t be very hard to keep anonymous or hidden in plain sight in such a gargantuan city he ends up having to run from the fuzz (aka cops), diving into an unexpected maze of backstreets and emerging into Jutengai – a parallel universe inhabited by semi-humanoid, intelligent and civilized creatures (See, this is why you shouldn’t wander through back alleys and unknown streets! XD). Humans aren’t exactly welcome to this reality as it’s believed that at their core it exists and unending void that might go out of control, devouring everything and anyone near it but Ren arrives at an odd time – the current grandmaster is retiring and a large competition to determine who will inherit his title and throne is taking place. One of the two contestants, a bear like creature named Kumatetsu, has been told he needs to take on an apprentice to be able to have a chance at winning so, against all warnings, prejudice and even Ren’s initial unwillingness, he decides to take the little human under his wing…. an apprenticeship that extends through the next 8 years and is witness to an amazing development of both our characters both on their physical (almost blurring the master/disciple line) and personal levels as their initial stubbornness and headbutting grows into a more harmonious understanding of each other . As the date for the final challenge is getting closer, Ren (renamed Kyuuta by Kumatetsu) finds its way back into the human world where a chance to meet his real dad, have a proper educations and even a slight love interest start to torn him between the two realities he knows but that’s just the tip of his troubles as a more sinister and deadly threat looms on the horizon…



Apart from some minor issues (more on a personal level and, of course, aimed at the human side of the story XP) the chars in  “Bakemono no Ko” are all well-built and memorable, specially Kumatetsu ^_^ All I’ve got left to say is that this is a wonderfully entertaining and fast paced film that boasts beautiful visuals, stunning animations and actions scenes and a pretty decent soundtrack on top that you shouldn’t miss out!





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