Comic: The Great Divide

It may sound a little cocky but until reading “The Great Divide” I was actually convinced that I’d seen most, if not all, possible post-apocalyptic scenarios out there but, thankfully, there are still guys like Ben Fisher, who are able to bring fresh ideas into play and put me back in my rightful and humble place. The end of the world is almost always a scary thing but honestly the one depicted in this six issue series would probably be amongst the hardest ever “faced” by humanity.



It was business as usual on a strip club out in the middle of nowhere when suddenly a hysterical man runs in shouting that he had just killed his entire family. Both staff and patrons try to calm him down and make some sense out of his story but when of them touches the guy all he manages is kicking the bucket while gushing blood from every hole in his face (don’t know how it works with the rest of the holes but I’m assuming it isn’t pretty XD)… and with such a simple scenario we’re introduced to the beginning of the end – death by touch, one of the most basic forms of human interaction! As that wasn’t bad enough there’s also another side effect to this gory death touch – the victim’s “being” (personality, soul, whatever you’d like to call it) gets pulled and trapped into the killer’s mind, ending as a minor personality or passenger and basically sharing a prison with is assassin.



This event of unknown origin became known as the Great Divide and it wrecked havoc throughout the whole world, leaving but a handful of scattered survivors, many of whom are driven mad by their “passengers”. As I’ve said this is probably one of the worst scenarios for mankind since when something goes south our natural instinct is to band up to fight it – zombies? aliens? diseases? band up ’cause there’s strength in numbers but this time around numbers will do nothing but get you killed instead… can you imagine human life without something as simple as touch? I mean, even the most anti-social amongst us can’t avoid craving for it sometimes, not to mention the whole love and reproductive side of things… Heck, just a handshake or an accidental bump and it’s the end of the line for you…

Two years after the Divide we’re introduced to Paul, one of the lucky survivors to still keep his mind as his and who’s travels and search for supplies (since not everyone is a natural-born Bear Grylls) take him to the town of Winslow and right into a series of characters and events that’ll take him to new extremes and show us what has become of our world…



A must read for every fan of the genre!


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