Things went south for a while….

*Playing Horizon Zero Dawn, somewhere in the deep deserts of the Carja Territory

Mugen spots 2 Shadow Carja leading 3 corrupted red eye watchers in the distance and, as his sister keeps complaining,  approaches quietly through the tall grass to hunt them all. This shouldn’t take long, he thought as he lined his first shot towards the closest machine’s eye

*A few arrows later the corrupted watchers and one of the carja are down when out of the blue a couple of Broadheads charge in from the left forcing Alloy to dodge like crazy to gain some room and avoid being stomped to death.

‘The hell, where did these guys come from?! – Mugen shouted while taking down the last carja, turning and bombarding this new threat with fire arrows.

*Unknown to the player that must have been a popular meeting place for machines (that or we were being loud as f***) because it didn’t took long for some Longlegs and two Sawtooth to join the fun. Not far behind the Sawthooths we could see two Shell-Walkers closing in as well.

Sweet baby Jesus in a biscuit, this is ridiculous! – the sheer amount of dodging, running, arrow forging, slow-mo attacks, trap laying, healing and cursing like a drunken pirate that happened in the next minutes became too much at this point to remember it all correctly and although there were some very tight spots, it was one hell of a show!

*Although vastly outnumbered Alloy managed to thin her enemies ranks and was almost claiming victory and praising the sun (yes, we know that’s a Dark Souls thing but the Carja do something similar XP) when Glinthawks flew in towards the opposite side and began pillaging some corpses… they should have known better than to mess with this player’s obsession for loot and hoarding…

Oi, bird brains, that’s my loot!!!!!!! – it didn’t matter that there were still one or two Shell Tanks and a very functional and dangerous Sawtooth around, no one messes with Mugen’s loot! It’s unnecessary to say that those metal birds didn’t live much longer XD

*When the dust finally settled there was a pile of metal corpses scattered around the landscape and a very resource depleted but happy Alloy scavenging through it all. It was a messy business and one of the biggest confrontations we had until now but it worked well in the end!



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