Comic: House of M (2005)

Lately I’ve done little more than work related stuff but I’ve ditched it all for a little while to make this post… shhh, don’t say anything, it’s a secret to everyone! XP

Ok, first of all, super-hero comics (or films/series) aren’t really my thing, they belong to the other 3 geeks’ department but the truth is that their new Marvel/DC shiny, hardcovered “greatest hits” collection is quite hard to ignore…. so here I am, free-falling into a world full of reboots, parallel universes, lycra wearing dudes and dudettes, crazy powers and some awesome art in between (Gabrielle Dell’Otto has become one of my favourite illustrators thanks to this!) with little clue to what’s going on but still kind of enjoying the ride!

One of the latest I’ve been through was Marvel’s 2005 “House of M” (one of several “House of M” apparently)



Since this is unfamiliar territory to me, and quite confusing at first, there might be a couple of mistakes here and there but lets see how it goes… So, this comics is a sort of follow-up to a lot of untied story plots and a monumental ass kicking upon the Avenger’s derrieres. In spite of having a dozens of characters, the whole thing revolves around Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch if you prefer), Magneto’s daughter and a mutant with the ability to alter reality by simply wishing it so (damn, that’s useful! XDD) but in doing so she also loses her grasp on reality… basically going slightly more insane each time, which, for someone with that kind of power, is something slightly dangerous.

The said monumental ass kicking is indeed given by her after going bananas but the rest of the mutants and heroes  band together and manage to control her and now, at the beginning of House of M, she is being kept under control by Charles Xavier (Prof. X to his friends) at the remote island of Genosha. Unfortunately not even the professor, the world’s most powerful telepath, can keep her in check indefinitely and both the X-Men and what’s left of the Avengers must now decide what to do with this potentially world ending loose cannon  – should they try to find a way to control her or should they put an end before Wanda destroys everything and everyone? It’s not an easy question for morale and ethic abiding heroes and former friends….



Pietro (Quicksilver), her brother, feeling conflicted with the whole ordeal, rushes back to his sister’s side and, in a series of very emotional panels, confronts his dad with the situation, asking him to find some sort of solution… something to which Magneto has no answer at all. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Witch hasn’t said her last word….



Even with no previous knowledge of the whole thing I must admit that this story arc was quite understandable and enjoyable. Although it hasn’t turned me into a super hero fan I’ll keep reading them





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