We’re back in the Killzone!

I thought I’d post a few snippets of stuff I said today while playing Killzone: Shadow Fall. I only played through the first two chapters, so I’ll probably post more of these later. Enjoy.


Lucas dad: Come on Lucas, we gotta go!

Me: *sigh* Let’s go Luke, let’s follow the super generic white guy.


New character appears in the scene.

Me: *looks at new character* *looks at Luke’s dad* I bet one of you is totally going to die.

*Near the end of the the level”

Me: hmmm, maybe I was wrong…

Hellghast: *appears*

Luke’s dad: *dies*



Me: Yeah, told you so.


Cute lady: *Walks into the scene*

Me: *scoffing* Oh look, my love interest is here.

Cute lady: *the first chance she gets* *steals my gun* *tries to shoot me*

Cute lady: *runs away*

*Chapter ends*


Me: She seems nice.






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